Thursday, January 7, 2016

They're all Galeys!
Join us for a gathering of Galey cousins this summer in Nebraska!
We're in the thick of planning for a Galey Family Reunion this summer in Chadron, Nebraska.  The dates are Saturday & Sunday, June 18-19, 2016, and we hope you'll join us for the fun, food, and festivities of a good old-fashioned family reunion!

Most importantly at this point:  Let us know you're planning to come.  Please RSVP by May 15, 2016 to Karen (Galey) Miller at 605-484-7808.

From Washington and California to Texas and Indiana and other points "back east," there are Galey family members all across the country.  For many years, of course, our Galey clan lived in Missouri, Nebraska, and Montana, so we're going "back home" -- sort of in the middle of all this geography -- and we hope you'll make plans to join us.

We'll gather in Wilson Park in Chadron for a hearty lunch, which will be catered by the Country Kitchen resaturant.  It's $13 per person, which includes lunch, dessert, and drinks.

The real fun, of course, will be catching up with Galey cousins from..... well..... everywhere!

Have photos or other Galey family momorabilia?  Bring it along and share with your Galey family!

Watch this site for more information about the Galey Family Reunion!


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Early Cunningham family photo found in California collection

Thanks to Peggy Mosher Sciarillo of Huntington Beach, California, for sharing this wonderful old photo of the Alfred V. Cunningham family, taken in about 1889 -- probably in front of their home in Trumbull or Giltner, Nebraska.  

Parents Alfred and Mary Jane Cunningham are seated.  The oldest boy (standing at left) is Rayburn.  Clarence is on his father's lap, while Lawson is on his mother's lap.  The note on the back of the picture states that Rayburn and Clarence were born in Onargo, Illinois, while Lawson was born in Trumbull, Nebraska.  

Both Giltner and Trumbull are in Hamilton County, just a few miles southeast of Hastings, Nebraska.  For a closer look at this and other Galey and Cunningham family photos, visit our Photo Gallery.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Galeys named to Dawes County Agriculture Hall of Fame

It was sixty years ago that Tom and Eva Galey pulled up stakes from their farm near the Colacino Supper Club east of Chadron, Nebraska, and made their way about 15 miles to the west near Whitney.  Little could anyone have known that the Galey family, which originally rented their new farm a mile or so east of Whitney, would eventually buy the place and transform it into a successful operation.

And that transformation came alive last weekend (8/3/14) as Bob Galey and his wife, Naomi, were inducted into the Dawes County Agriculture Hall of Fame.  Bob is the sole remaining son of Tom and Eva Galey.  The event took place in the grandstand at the Dawes County Fairground on opening day of the Dawes County Fair, and long-time newspaperman Con Marshall crafted the following story about Bob and Naomi’s selection to the Hall of Fame.

Nothing has come easy for Bob and Naomi Galey, but they have worked hard and persisted while farming and ranching a mile east of Whitney.  Both agree they have had a good life.

Both are lifelong Dawes County residents.  Bob was born in Chadron and grew up on a dairy farm about two miles east of Chadron that his parents, James (Tom) and Eva Galey, rented.  Naomi was born and raised in Crawford.  Her parents were Lloiyd and Ila Belle Sibert.  Her father was a well-known welder.

After graduating from Chadron High School in 1953, Bob went to work at Prey Chevrolet in Chadron as a mechanic.  In 1954, the Galey family that included six children moved to what was known as the Norland farm along White River, where Bob and Naomi now live.  It initially had beenrented by Eva Galey’s parents, Rayburn and Margaret Cunningham, and later by their son, also named Rayburn, and his wife Bess.  When the younger Cunninhams moved to Washington state, the Tom Galey family took over the operation.

Tom Galey died of a heart attack in 1958.  Bob soon quit his job at the garage and joined his mother inoperating the farm.  In 1962, Bob and Naomi were married and took over the place while Eva returned to teaching, which she had done before she was married.

In 1972, Bob and Naomi purchased the farm from the Norland family.  By then, Bob also was working as a machinist at the Chicago and North Western Railroad roundhouse in Chadron.  He had worked there more than 20 years when it closed in 1990.  After their daughters graduated from Crawford High School, Naomi began working at the Chadron Hospital in 1983.  She took a new job in the Treasurer’s Office at the Dawes County Courhouse in 1991 and worked there until retiring in 2000.

Besides operating their farm, Bob has managed two neighboring places for more than 20 years.  One is owned by Mike Cartwright and his two sisters, and the other by the Schmecel family.

Cartwright said he and the Galeys have no written contract, just a verbale agreement that has remained unchanged.  “I don’t count the bales, I don’t need to see the weight tickets, and I never know how many cows Bob is running in my pastures.  I trust him completely and he knows how to make it work.  Besides cattle, we raise a lot of whitetail deer.”

The Galeys and two Sioux County ranches who form the Soldier Creek Grazing Association also run cattle on the Wood Reserve north of Fort Robinson.  Their cows survived the 1989 fire there, and the Galeys also bounced back after their house was flood by White River in 1991.  They are active in the Whitney Methodist Church; he’s served on the Whitney School Board and the Whitney Pipeline Board “forever” (in his words).  The couple bowled together for years, and nowadays he plays golf and she plays bridge.

Bob and Naomi have two daughters.  Linda and her husband, John Turnbull, live in Whitney and work at the Crow Butte Resources uranium mine.   Brenda moved to Australia about 20 years ago, has a job in technology, and says she plans to remain there, although she retains her U.S. citizenship.  Bob and Naomi have visited Brenda in Australia three times.

(Thanks to Con Marshall for providing the above story about Bob and Naomi!)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Warren Galey documented the Galey family

When we first started tracking the Galey family many years ago, one of the first "cousins" we came to know was Warren Galey of Tell City, Indiana, who was also engaged in researching Galey genealogy.

Warren Galey (1922-2014)
Our correspondence wasn't frequent, but we soon learned that Warren had a wealth of information about the Galey family out of Indiana -- whence came the Nebraska Galeys.  In fact, he had published a 126-page lineage report about the Galey family.  It was -- and remains -- a valuable resource for anyone doing research about the Galey clan.

We were sorry to get a report this week about the passing of Warren a few months ago.  We had not been in touch with him for the past couple of years.  He died in his home at Tell City at age 91.  

Our condolences to Warren's wife, Shirley, and three children.  We are incorporating his full obituary below.  We were fortunate enough to have visited with Warren and his wife Shirley back in April of 2006.  We've posted a few pictures from that event.  You'll find them  in our Galey Photo Gallery.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Doris Hamaker (1922-2014)

On April 12, 2014, Doris Hamaker celebrated her 92nd birthday. Eleven days later, she passed away at Ponderosa Villa in Crawford, Nebraska.  An overflow crowd attended her funeral service in Crawford on Monday, April 28, 2014.  Not a Galey by birth or marriage -- but her daughter Zoleta married Garold (Gary) Galey, and her husband, Tom, was a cousin to Ila Belle (Hamaker) Sibert, whose daughter married another Galey -- Gary's brother Bob.

Doris was well known for her great sense of humor, her candor, an infectious smile, and the best cinnamon rolls this side of heaven, where she now surely shares her treats with all the angels!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Checking out the Chucks…Galey, that is!

Having lived in Mississippi for about eight years -- and having been engaged in family research for a few decades -- it's been fun to learn that there are Galeys in Mississippi.

We only wish we'd learned about them during our years in the Magnolia State.  Truth is, family research got put on the back burner during those busy years of work and travel!

But "Google Search" has been a friend for the past year or so, helping us track everything from stories about Chadron State College alum Danny Woodhead as he navigates through a successful career in the National Football League, to stories about the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service, which has always been one of our interests.

So when an article in the Jackson (MS) Free Press popped up through Google Search, we were able to learn a bit about one Chuck Galey, who is shown above.

Chuck has made a name for himself as an illustrator for children's books.  A native of Greenwood, Mississippi, Chuck now lives in Jackson -- our old stomping ground from 1993 to 2001. 

Now, we have no idea whether or not Chuck Galey is a part of the Galey clan that migrated out of Indiana to Missouri and Nebraska -- but who knows?  If he is, we'll have to give some thought to which "Chuck Galey" we're talking about, since our nephew Charles "Chuck" Galey has been the only "Chuck" known to our Nebraska Galey line.

Read more about the Mississippi "Chuck Galey."

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another "whodunnit"arrives in the mailbox!

A distant Galey cousin -- Harry Colwell from Nebraska -- has sent us a couple of photographs that have been identified by some as Elizabeth Sprinkle and Simon Galey.

As Harry has suggested, it may be impossible to ever learn if these identifications are valid; however, we offer the photos here in the unlikely event that someone with more information might be able to assist.

No dates have been provided.  Our records show that Elizabeth Sprinkle and Simon Galey were married in September of 1851.  She would have been 30 years old -- and Simon would have been only 19.  An unusual age configuration for marriage -- but certainly not unheard of! If this is that couple, the photos were obviously taken at quite different times.  Simon died in 1879 at age 48.  Elizabeth died in 1912 at age 91.  The "Elizabeth" photo would probably been taken in the very late 1800's or very early 1900's, and the "Simon" photo -- given his relative youthful appearance -- would likely have been taken in the 1860's or 1870's -- before  March of 1879 when he died.

Perhaps there's a Sprinkle or Galey cousin who's done some sleuthing or has access to family photos from that era.  If so, we'd surely like to hear from you!

Adding to this challenge is the fact that we have no other photos identified as "Simon Galey," and there are at least three Simon Galey names in our database.

Another cousin provided us with a photo purported to be Elizabeth Sprinkle, but our first glances at the images seem to suggest it's not the same person.  We'll keep exploring!